Клаудиа Хесс (фото из журнала Maxi)
Биография Клаудии

Фотографии Клаудии и Томаса

В прессе о Клаудии

"Dear fan,
before I get to the end I want to tell you some private news. Many of you have asked themselves, why Nora lives in America and that I live in Germany. Even though Nora and I were very close attached to one another we decided to live as a couple, but on different continents. Like so many things in life there are differences between dream and the reality.
Sometime ago we noticed that we still had symphathy for one another, but that wasn't enough to keep us living together. Perhaps you have read in different newspapers that I've got a girlfriend since a while. If you come on the 18th of Jan. to the Fanclubmeeting you will surely see her and maybe get to know her. I'm looking forward to it!

So, that's it for today, and I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and a great beginning in 1997.

With all my love
Thomas Anders"

Именно так (с точностью до каждой запятой и каждой буквы) кончается письмо из официального фан-клуба Томаса Андерса, датированное шестым января тысяча девятьсот девяносто седьмого года. На фан-клубовской вечеринке Томас представил свою новую пассию. Кто же она?.. Стройная голубоглазая светловолосая немка с именем Клаудиа Хесс, теперь - его жена.

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