Thomas Anders

What Am I Without You

В оригинале песня исполнена, разумеется, не Томасом.
Томасом она не включена ни в один альбом и синглом не выпускалась. Oна только исполнялась на концертах.

You are the love of all my life
You are the living spring
You are the joy that finds my heart
Giver of all good things

What am I without you
What am I without you

You are the day that rules the night
You are the hope in me
All that I have descends from you
All I could ever be

What am I but a piece of earth
Breathing holy breath
What am I but a wayward child
Given life for certain death

You are the everlasting Lord
You are the risen king
That you would come and fill my soul
This is beyond a dream

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