Thomas Anders

The Sweet Hello - The Sad Goodbye

Album : Whispers
Выпущена синглом. Написана Пером Гессли из Roxette.

Red like fire was the day I met you
Tell you now - there are no regrets
In this room there are many mem'ries
Some are good, some I try to forget
I thought we were the chosen ones
Who were supposed to fly

We're very much the same you and I
Sweet hello - sad goodbye
Still waiting to get hurt time after time
Sweet hello - sad goodbye
When love lies in our hands 
We (seem to) run (away) and hide
And I can't help and wonder why?
Sweet hello - sad goodbye

My heart was like a runaway train babe
I don't believe I've ever felt more alive
In this room I hear voices leaving
We never talked about the crime
You know you're not the only one
Who knows how to cry

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