Thomas Anders

If You Could Only See Me Now

(Ralf Stemmann/Chris Coperfield/Mike Shepstone)

Album : Down On Sunset

I heard it this morning, you were moving away
Somebody's taking you to a world of rainbows
Why should you stay

I hope that you find it, that dream butterfly
I used to hold it right here between my fingers
Then let it die

It's unusual that I feel so bad
Unraveling the time we had
Rewinding the clock again

If you could only see me now
The way I drag my heart around
You wouldn't recognize the man
Who's pride let you go somehow
If you could look inside my mind
Your smile is showing all the time
I see it everyday, there's no escape
From the pain inside

I go through the motions of living each day
A twilight place where the sunlight never rises
Colour me grey

It's usual that I feel so sad
Remembering the times we had
Rewinding the clock again

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