Thomas Anders & Chain Reaction

Every Word You Said

Песня новой группы Томаса - Chain Reaction. Песня не включена ни в один альбом. Вышла только на сингле. Это была последняя сольная работа Томаса до объединения Модерн Токинг.
Это - Radio Version.

Every word you said
Gonna lift to me higher
Every move you make
Make the world going round
I won't ever forget
What we had
Every word you said

All the night - I'm waiting that you call me
I know - our love can last for long
I've been waiting for you all the time
All the time

It's how I goona said
Bye, goodbye
Can't you see how much I die
I don't know why
I never tried
To express
My loneliness
When you're not by my side
With wasted night
I long for you
To hold you tight
All my love that we had
Every word you said

Was it love - what we share together
I feel - so lonely in the night
'Cause I'm thinking of you all the time
All the time

I never felt that strong
Oh, was it right or was it wrong
Everything I do
Was just for you
It is true
Looking back I realized 
That I have been really hypnotized
Touch you just the memory
Will free

I can hear you calling
I can hear you calling my name
I need you by my side
You make me feel, appreciate
Make me feel alive

So watch the same
I wanna make you stay
Every night and day
While you're in my mind
Love is really hard to find
How could I go ahead
With every word you said

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