Thomas Anders

Across The World

(Steve Singer/Mike Shepstone)

Album : Down On Sunset

Across the world tonight, there are ships of light
Shining down on everyone
From the darkest shores to marble corridors
A new age has begun

I've got no explanation 
How those ships came to be there
Illuminating the nations 

Across the worls tonight, 
There's a wonderous sight
And we gaze with childlike eyes
We can only guess as we hold our breath where the future lies

Something beautiful's coming 
Somehow I know there beyond the dawn
We've been left in the darkness for too long

And tomorrow when we rise
We'll see with other eyes
And know at last that we belong
We'll reach out to the skies
And find the answers there
That we've been searching for so long

Across the world tonight

Across the world tonight, 
Around the firelight
The stories have begun
How it came to be, this night of mystery
Of wonders yet to come

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