Modern Talking

Riding On A White Swan

Album : In The Middle Of Nowhere
Также песня включена в Video Picture Book в первом сборнике клипов МТ.

Secret message for a rendez-vous
Distant fire - it's hurting you
It's so sad - good love goes bad
Tears of love will make me sad
Frozen teardrops - running with the night
Sorry, doesn't always make it right
Tears of love - tears in my heart
Why did love just break apart, break apart?

I'm riding on a white swan
I need your love tonight
I'm riding through a hard storm
Don't treat me like a child

I'm riding on a white swan
I got that what you need
I'm riding on a white swan
You got the best of me

On the wings of a nightingale
Playing games - your love for sale
Then my girl belongs to yesterday
No return - don't lose your way
It's more than just the two of us
Heart is open, come on, trust
Love I gave for your mystic smile
Should I go or stay awhile, stay awhile?