Modern Talking

China In Her Eyes (Rap)

Album : (2000) Year Of The Dragon
Также, разумеется, выпущена песня синглом.

From New York to Hong Kong
And back again
It's the No. 1 fun-maker in the nation
Making you dance

She wanna rub me down, keep my muscles strong
Keep it going on, from New York to Hong Kong
Think of something freeky in a crazy form
As long as I don't have to put ma pants back on
She's the girl I never had, she's the girl of my dreams
A body like a Lamborgini covered in jeans
Too much for a man much more than I can stand
Wanna pack my bags aud move to Japan.... 

She has China in her eyes - can't you see it
China in her eyes - can't you feel it
China in her eyes - a secret smile
Oh can't you see, it's you and me - my china woman, oh no
I miss you so, can't let you go - my China girl, don't go

From Paris to Bankok
I just can't stop
You feel the music all around the world
My China girl - Come on!

Let me get tonight, you know I'll treat you right
Want China in your eyes, `til the morning light
The next day you'll realize, I'll be holding you tight
Because the love you be giving is dynamite
I wanna freak you here, i wanna freak you there
I wanna run my fingers through your hair
Tall as the China wall I wanna feel the world
Let nothing come between me and my China girl

From the moon to the stars
And all around the universe
This is a dedication to you
China in your Eyes