Modern Talking

Cheri Cheri Lady (Rap)

Released as single:

  1. Brother Louie Mix '98 (feat. Eric Singleton) (Radio Edit) [3:23]
  2. Brother Louie '98 (New Version) [3:35]
  3. Brother Louie Mix '98 (feat. Eric Singleton) (Extended Version) [4:11]
  4. Cheri Cheri Lady '98 (feat. Eric Singleton) (Extended Version) [4:26]

Cheri, cheri lady
Going through a motion
Love is where you find it
Listen to your heart
Cheri, cheri lady
Living in devotion
It's always like the first time
Let me take a part

Cheri, cheri lady
Like there's no tomorrow
Take my heart - don't lose it
Listen to your heart
Cheri, cheri lady
To know you is to love you
If you call me, baby, I'll be always yours

The lady of my life it's how I wanna feel
To feel, till you're giving me your sex-appeal
You steal my mind, all the time is like a dream
Wanna play in your team
For you love I'm a fame
Can't do without make me scream and shout
Oh, I'm sucker for your love
To love without a doubt
So tell me right now
That you you'll be my baby
Come on, Cheri Cheri Lady!

Can't you feel all the stuff that I have for you?
Can't nobody in the world do me like you do
You can ice my truth
To see my life ain't the same
All the silly games
I must admit a change
Take you for a cruise all around the world
Give you everything - the precious diamonds and pearls
I speak this way because you drive me crazy
My Cheri Lady!

Check it out! So...
You're gonna break it down just like this!
For all the body people in the house
This is Modern Talking!
1998 and so on
To the year and finally...
Hah-hah-hah, Come on!!! Oh!