Modern Talking

All I Have

Album : Alone

Oh it's now or never - it's no empty way
I will stay forever - babe what can I say
I miss you like crazy - where did you sleep last night
(Sleep last night)
Nobody knows you baby - please stay by my side

And all I have, and all I need, and all I want is you tonight
And all I see, and all I feel, is just holding so tight
All I miss, and all I dream, and all I want is your sweet love
And all I know, and all I say, is that I can't get enough

My love is getting stronger - my love is here to stay
I can't wait no longer - baby make my day 
Oh tonight I'm lonely - so lonely without you
(Without you)
Know that you're the only - and my heart is true

All I miss is you, wherever I go I miss you and I need you