Blue System

The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean)

Album : Seeds Of Heaven

Hey, little girl
Do you see the million eyes?
Hey, little world
There's an ocean of disguise
I heard a voice like a memory
It's written in my heart
Oh, I don't care it's my destiny
A passenger of the dark

The wind cries tell me, tell me who killed Norma Jean
Have you seen?
The wind cries tell me, can you mend a broken dream?
Oh, it seems
She is girl of mystery
That is my philosophy
I'm sleeping with a memory
That's reality
(Oh, fresh!)

Hey, little girl 
Do you have a broken heart?
Hey, little world
The sacrifice apart
Oh, I tell you once, babe, I tell you twice
It's a memory
It's a call, babe, from paradise
Called eternity

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