Blue System

When You Are Lonely

Album : X-Ten

Keep a light in your window -
Keep a light in your heart
Summer breeze blowing softly -
Oh, you're tearing it apart
Those days are over -
You can't stop real love
Don't you remember that day -
When we started our way
Never ever forget - what you said:

When you are lonely -
Lonely like me just forever
Come baby, let's stay together
Someday, there's someone for you

Oh, when you are lonely -
Lonely like me and you're calling
I'll be right there if you're falling
Someday there's someone, that's true

Baby when you're lonely
Just call me
And I'll be always by your side

Oh, we're dancing one summer -
And the wind calls your name
Money can't buy you good things -
Can't buy you friends
Oh, it happened before girl - and it happens again
Baby, I don't sleep alone when nobody's at home
Never ever forget that you're gone

Oh, when you are lonely

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