Blue System

Satellite To Satellite

Album : Hello America

Oh baby can you tell me, is it love or just a game?
I'm lying in a bed of fire, oh baby do you feel the same?
It's a long, long way to go, but I never let you know
Oh relax baby, love will turn out fine

Call me: satellite to satellite, my sweet taboo
You're my teacher, I'll come to school
Who wants to love you forever and ever
It's written in the wind

Call me: satellite to satellite, oh it's a tough world
You're my teacher, for all my love girl
You're my sweetest, my sweetest desire
Take me in your arms tonight
Goodbye heartache and good vibration
It's a story for generation
B-b-b-b-b-baby come hold me tonight

Oh time will wait for no one, I can't make a blind girl see
I will take the train of silence, on the wings of destiny
It's an endless rhapsodie, what you give and what you feel?
Oh relax baby, have some fun tonight

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