Blue System

Romeo And Juliet

Album : Hello America
Выпущена синглом.
Romeo and Juliet [] - персонажи пьесы Шекспира "Ромео и Джульета"

(I'm not your Juliet, and you're not Romeo)
(But I will love you baby, time will show)

I'll give you everything - and that's no compromise
See my broken wings - to your alibies
Crying 90 tears - no sacrifice
Broken souvenirs - in paradise

Oh, I never promised you love
Oh, when my heart is not enough
Oh, it's like an ocean of love to me

I'm not your Romeo and you're not Juliet
After the curtain falls - I'll drive you mad
Oh baby heaven just sweet heaven have sent you
I'm not your Romeo and you're not Juliet
But I will love you, love you, love you, drive you mad
Oh, baby there will never be another you

Love on the telephone - it's killing me
I'll sail my ship alone - old memory
Back to Babylon - in my fantasy
Gonna lock my heart - and losing the key

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