Blue System

Mrs. Jones

Album : Deja Vu

Oh, she cried and she said: I have to go
Someday I'll be back and I know
I love you, baby - it's my mistake
Sometime when we touch, I hear your heart
I'm waiting for you - will you break apart?
I love you, baby - it's my mistake
Tell me if it's time for me to go
Please tell me, oh, my baby, just say no

Mrs. Jones, have you seen her?
Mrs. Jones, we had it all
It's a little bit unfair
Oh, she never tried to calm
Mrs. Jones, wheels are turning
Mrs. Jones, that's no lie
Oh, my heart yet is burning 
Like a secret lullaby

Baby, how can I lose what I never had?
A wonderful world, but you drive me mad
I love you, baby - it's my mistake
It started in heaven against the world
My heart is like a burning hell
I love you, baby - It's my mistake
May I sleep with your dream tonight?
And sorry doesn't always make it right

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Oh! Mrs. Jones!

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