Тексты песен Steve'a Benson'a


Песня апреля 81 года, ни в один альбом, естественно, не включена. Выпушена синглом Длительность: 3:23.

Babe, you burn strong and wild
Like a girl, you're a child
Oh you, givin' me love
Then you say love is gone
You've no strenth to carry on
Only you tear me apart

I beg you come back again
I miss you - was I a fool?
I'm losing you
I wish you're feeling the same
Ohh take me again
In your arms

Now your love, it slips away
A little bit for every day
Oho you, feeling so sure
If it's love, it's game for fools
I don't make these stupid rules
Only you, breaking my heart

Now Marie's gone so far away
I hope she will come back one day
Your love put magic into my life

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