Blue System

Madonna Blue

Album : Twilight

Oh, come on, love me, you can feel the fire
I'm drawning in my lonely tears
How many hearts are lost in my desire?
See all my love and fears
If that's the way, babe - you want my sweet devotion
I'll be there if you want me
Come see my heart is burning in emotion
I'm not your souvenir

Madonna Blue - come kiss me, kiss me, baby
Madonna Blue - touch me, touch me now
I'm gonna make you feel like a lady
I know heaven must have send you
Madonna Blue - come love to love me baby
Madonna Blue - oh, feel my heart tonight
My first hello, oh, I want you my lady
Is your love too good to be true?

Come, live for love, babe, my diamonds are forever
When the nights began to drive me down
Today we're good - we're so good near, together
Love makes the world go round
Don't talk to strangers - only to surrender
Oh, baby, I'm too young to die
Oh, hear my heart - come on, love me tender
Come with me where clouds fly

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