Blue System


Album : Seeds Of Heaven
Выпущена синглом.
Lucifer [] - в Библии архангел, который возглавлял ангелов в мятеже и которого заставили покинуть Небеса и жить в Аду; Cатана; Дьявол.
* - читается как 'sixty six'
** - читается как 'six two'

Don't shake hands with devil
Don't fall in love with devil

In a room 66* - the devil playing against me
At the end of the world - there's a place called the hell
On flight number nine - there's no smoke without fire
Oh, we promised ourself - you lost underground
And I sail alone

Don't shake hands - oh, baby don't shake hands with Lucifer
Take your chance - 'cause, baby, all dreams will be crucified
Oh oh  - don't play with Lucifer
He catch you if you fall
Hear the voice from heaven
Don't play with Lucifer
Oh, don't you hear him call?
Can't you see his raven?

In room 66* - he is fighting with humans
A man without face - try to win every race
On highway 62** - there's the end of a journey
On it's self mystery
Babe, without key - set my heart free

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