Тексты песен Steve'a Benson'a

Love Takes Time

Песня апреля 81 года, ни в один альбом, естественно, не включена. Выпущена синглом. Длительность: 3:43.

Love takes time for you and me
Dreams are nice but fantasy
Takes all time to let it grow
Now it's much too soon to know
Love takes time for you and me
You gave me a sense to be
Love takes time it's hard to find for me

Babe, from the start
I gave you every bit of my heart
But all your lies
I can't see in your eyes
Babe, you're too young
Never needed anyone
Ain't love was fun?
Those days are really gone

I'm so alone
Where are the friends I think I've known?
Hard to be sure
I feel so insecure
I feel the pain
Gonna fall in love again
Please, let us try
'Cause you're the reason why

Oh ever and never and never again
Baby, I'm looking for a real good friend
In my head I'm tossing and turning
Baby, my fever's really burning

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