Blue System

Love Suite

Album : Body Heat
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Baby, baby, let me down easy
Let me down, oh, carefull and tease me
Baby, baby, come on, hear my heart
Baby, baby, we're sweet devotion
You can take me all over the ocean
Baby, baby, come on, try my heart

Come, baby, keep away from other boys
Come on, my love suite, baby, come be my love suite
Treat me like a broken toy
Come on, my love suite, baby, love suite, baby

Angel of the night
Be my girl and hold me tight
Don't want to lose your heart
Don't want to lose you once again

Baby, baby, try it together
Feel the need, here and forever
Baby, baby, treat me like your man
Baby, baby, oh, sweet surrender
Let me be your great pretender
Baby, baby, come and try my heart

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