Blue System

Just Say No

Album : Deja Vu

What goes on? 
Oh, baby, tell me when the sun goes down
Eleven candles telling maybe you will leave this town
Tell me are you really ended?
Tell me like a friend
I'll help you just the way
I'm helping to leave the mystic train

Just say no, baby no-o
You're not welcome anymore
Just say no, baby no-o
If you try forbidden doors
Oh, I'll never wake again
I've got my heartache again-again
I can make a promisy
Love is not a memory
Baby, you're not from photograph
Oh, give me a little love
Baby, wake up from the smoke
Oh, my baby just say no

How are you telling me a story
And the strong survive
This guy is crying but don't worry
There's a better life
Oh, don't take me just for granted
If you tell me lies
I help you if you trust me baby
Find your paradise

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