Blue System

If I Will Rule The World

Album : 21st Century

Baby, I swear you
Baby, I would die
I would run to you

We're leaving New York to the rain
East of the summer, see you again
I love you, baby, where's deep emotion?
Oh, where the mountain meet the sky
West of the moon, I could not hide
Love you, lady, where's deep devotion?

I love you every night, I love you every day
This is a deep love odyssey

If I will rule the world, I promised you the best of me
If I will rule the world, you'll ever get the best for free
For every heart, every soul
Pray in my bed, I'm losing control

I'm leaving you in S.O.S.
Turn of your dream, and confess
Love me, baby, see my emotion
Or is it something that I should know?
Closer to heaven, we will go
Be my lady, where's sweet devotion?

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