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If I Can't Have Your Love

Песня выпушена на сингле For the Children 96 года. Музыка от For The Children, но слова немного иные. =)

Oh I dreamed, the dream is over
In the middle of the night
Oh I need you more than ever
Oh I need you by my side
Oh someday we'll be together
And the earth will move again
'Til this day I'll wait forever
I will always be your friend
And I hear your heart is crying
But these tears are not for me
But you're never gonna win,
And I'm never gonna lose
Baby come on set me free

If I can't have your love
I don't want it at all
If I can't have your love
I will stand, I won't fall
If I can't have your love
I won't see you again
If I can't have your love
I can't understand

Oh I feel you are an angel
But I know that is not true
Oh I thought this love was heaven
But I'm just a fool for you
And I feel my heart is dying
And my tears I gry for you
But you're never gonna win
And I'm never gonna lose,
Baby come on set me free

Forgive my heart
(Forgive my heart)
Forgive my soul
(Forgive my soul)
I always loved you girl
And it always hurts

I will never love again

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