Blue System


Album : Walking On A Rainbow

Jealous in the moonlight, baby
You a sentimental lady
You get always what you want from me
Oh, you're flirting with disaster
When my heart is beating faster
Baby, you can have my love for free
Heaven is on fire 
(Fire precious love)
Hopeless my desire 
(All I'm dreaming of)
Never back to strangers 
(Oh, you've got a friend)
Oh, come take my heart, babe
There will be no end

Emane-mane-manuelle, I'm searching for a friend, come on
Oh, I'm born to run, babe
Emane-mane-manuelle, I know my feelings well, come on
Can make it all on my own babe

................... is a never
Baby, nights will last forever
Lady, there'll never be another you
Hear my heart is beating, baby
And I'm always dreaming, maybe
When I will break the golden rules
Everytime you touched me 
(Oh, don't let me go)
Hear, my heart beats faster 
(Oh, I lose control)
When the night is over 
(Oh, you've got a friend)
Oh, come take my heart babe
There will be no end

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