Тексты песен Steve'a Benson'a

Don't Throw My Love Away

Песня мая 80 года, ни в один альбом не включена. Выпушена синглом. Длительность: 3:16.

Your skin is like a velvet sky
Your head shines in the moonlight
I want to satisfy, babe, only you
Your brown eyes cling me in the night
When I want to kiss you
In the flickering light
You're breaking my heart

Don't throw my love away 
You will come back one day
In the Hollywood night
Baby, you hang up right
Better love me tonight
Don't throw my love away
Is it a game you play?
You have stand it before
Baby you come to door
You can do it some more

The crystal ??? fill the air
I think the world in blue
You are everywhere close to me
Your body's like a symphony
I'm falling for you, baby
You're my fantasy - the girl of my life

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