Blue System

Carry Me Oh Carrie

Album : Twilight

Baby stay, I make your dreams come true
Don't look back, I do it just for you
Take your chance, if you want me tonight
Nothing stops, oh, my heart, when two hearts collide

Carry me, oh, Carrie, don't you break my heart
Oh, we live for love, baby, here we start
Carry me, oh, Carrie, oh we live for love
I've got what you need, baby, in my heart

Oh, love enough for two
Oh babe, for me and you
Carry me, Carrie, Carrie take me home

Here I stand, oh, babe what did I wrong?
Try to make that heaven is my home
Love is here, babe, too good to be true
Nothing stops, oh, my heart, and this heaven too

Carrie, come on, feel the need
I'm lost in love, lost in you
Carrie, darling, I'm a fool
I'm lost in love, lost in you
Give me what I'm looking for tonight

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