Blue System

48 Hours

Album : Obsession
Была выпущена синглом. Снят клип 48 Hours. Съемки происходили в апреле, в Кенни - в Заповеднике Траво (Travo Wildpark). Нажми сюда, чтобы увидеть кадр из клипа.

This world is a burning fire
Everybody pays his price
You can't stop me, my desire
I'm the pirate of paradise
I know heaven is forever
I can't stop, babe, loving you
Here I dance on heavy weather
I always will be true

Just another dream - I will share you
Just another night - gonna feeling blue
Just another day - I can't say goodbye
Hit me - hit me baby - I don't lie

48 hours - come baby, hit me allnight long
48 hours - oh baby make me ooh, so strong
48 hours - come hear the rhythm of my heart
I'm burning, burning, turning for a start

40, 40, 48 hours you can make me strong and say
40 hours, 48 hours you'll be walking, you'll be talking to the U.S.A.

This love is like a thunder
Oh, nobody knows my way
No heartaches by the number
I can win if I don't play
Outside the gates of heaven
A love is hard to find
Close your eyes to seven
You're always on my mind

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