Dieter and his girlfriend Naddel on the 3rd of January 1998

Nadja Abdel Farrag and Dieter Bohlen

Nadja Abdel Farrag (sometimes she's called Naddel), a German of Oriental race (She's half-Arabian naturally). She was born on February the 5th 1965 in Hamburg. Her father Ibraghim is Arab, her mother is German. In her young years Nadja studied for helper of chemist, but that didn't stand her in good stead, because she started working as a model. When she turned 23 years old she got acquainted with Dieter Bohlen on one of the discotheques in Hamburg called Mezzanotte. Later Nadja became a back singer and a dancer (go-go-girl) in Blue System, and then in Modern Talking. The marriage of Dieter and Erika broke up apparently because of Nadja. But not depending on the number of Dieter's girlfriends he always returns to Naddel again, even after the wedding to Verona Feldbusch he came back to her. Nowadays they are living together in a big Dieter's villa with a large garden and a stable (By the way Nadja also loves horses).

Nadja Abdel Farrag In the morning of 25 October '98 Dieter and Nadja got into the car-accident. The car was smashed up. Nadja was not as lucky as Dieter was - besides shock, she was a mass of bruises and she got cuts caused by the broken windsheild glass.

In October of '98 tourists photographed Dieter cuddling Verona on Majorca island. Nadja quarreled with Dieter because of these shots and left him but then Dieter justified by telling that he met Verona on Majorca but nothing was between them and they are nothing more than friends. Nadja returned to Dieter.

In December '98 Nadja was photographed for the January issue of the magazine "Playboy", although her father Ibraghim (as a faithful Moslem) was thumbs down for that. But Nadja answered something like she's a free grown-up woman and she would do anything she likes. By the way Nadja was paid 120 000 DM for these photos, and Verona, whose photos also were published in Playboy, was paid 250 000 DM. Dieter encourages his girlfriend in every way. These shots really compelled public attention to Nadja and... Verona. This affair came to the publication of he photos of both girls in the paper Bild with a title "Who's more erotic?" and the same paper also offered to vote for the girls by calling on the phone. In the end of all this Nadja won, the score was 53,7% for her and 46,3% for Verona.

After such experiment Nadja announced that she wanted to become a star on the television. In 1999 she wanted to start her own show called "Blue Nights", it was thought to be something like Verona's "Peep!". But now we know that Verona left her "Peep!" and her successor was Verena Araghi and then, in September 99, the show would have another hostess - Nadja.