Marielin Bohlen 18 June 1995

Marylin Bohlen

The youngest child in the Bohlen's family and the only daughter. Marielin Bohlen was born on the 23 of February '90 in Hamburg. At first Dieter wanted to name the girl Mary after his grandmother (she was Russian), but his wife didn't like the name very much, so finally the girl was called Marylin or Marielin, which's anyway the same. (Though in the song Goodnight Marielin from Blue System's repertoire, the song dedicated to Dieter's daughter, it's sung 'Marlin' with a stress on the last part of the word - actually it's not correct. Using German phonetic rules the name should be read as ['marilin]). Though soon after daughter's birth Erika divorced from Dieter, who had been already constantly living with Nadja. The photo above was made on the sunny morning of 18 June 1995. Then Marielin was only 5 years old.