Claudia Hess and Thomas Anders

Claudia Hess was born on the 29th of April in 1972 in Koblenz. She worked as a clerk-interpreter in a big Koblenz company which built transport roads and she loved her job a lot, however she gave up her job for Thomas - now she's his clerk, travels with him in the tours, works with his papers: correspondence and documents. Thomas and Claudia met in the cafe-bistro "Faustus" in Koblenz. Claudia was together with three of her girlfriends not far from them Thomas sat. And as he says in every interview, he went up to her and said, "Hi, where are you from?". "Faustus" became the favorite cafe of both, when Claudia came there every time she "absolutely accidentally" met Thomas, and on her birthday he met her with a bunch of flowers. Then they started calling each other and they could talk for hours. Then Claudia understood that he became Prince of her dream. Of course, Claudia knew who Thomas Anders was; sometime ago she also liked Modern Talking. Her girlfriends warned her: "such man baths in champagne, he has thousand women", but Claudia ignored all those admonitions. And Thomas didn't "play" before her, he was a normal human, but not a star for her.
In the March of '98 quiet and peaceful life of a loving pair crashed. Modern Talking reunited. Before it very often Claudia was at home, cooked, together with Thomas listened to the music in the week-end, but now... Concerts, performances, photo-sessions, interviews... But the most unpleasant thing was the tours. Thomas often had to leave Germany and sometimes for a long time, and Claudia had to part with Bernd for the tour-time, because she loved her job and couldn't gave it up, though they called each other constantly, sometimes they talked for three times a day. But love to Thomas was stronger than love to her job and so now Claudia is touring together with Thomas.
Thomas avouches that they never talk about music or his career, but I personally don't believe. Otherwise, why have I seen a pendant with Back For Good picture on Claudia's neck on one of the photos?.. (see here)
Also Thomas tries to defend Claudia from the mass media, he thinks that he has his job and there're his own difficulties with the press and TV, but it doesn't worth Claudia's attention and he shouldn't pull her in .
On the 20th of February of '99 it became known that Thomas at last divorced with his first wife Nora Balling. And it's been known for a long time that he wanted to marry his beloved Claudia. Perhaps it would be a double wedding: Dieter Bohlen was going to marry his long-time girlfriend Nadja on the same day as Thomas and Claudia would. But after a divorce from Nora, Thomas declared that we shouldn't wait for their wedding in the following year and a half. Now Thomas and Dieter are awfully busy with Modern Talking, they have great counsels and plans about tours, and so Thomas won't marry in the near future. Dieter no more wants to marry Nag - it's not interesting without Thomas (and we all know Dieter is a very ingenious about his weddings).