Thomas Anders 1998


Dieter Bohlen 1998

Thomas Anders

Dieter Bohlen

The abbreviation 'vs' is widely used in the fighting computer games, and that means that someone's playing against somebody. Here, this abbreviation doesn't really mean that Dieter and Thomas are going to fight. 'Vs' is used just to compare them.
As it has already been said Thomas and Dieter are two absolutely different men. And what's the difference?
The first few points are for those fans, which had no idea about what Modern Talking is, for newbies, and for those who can't remember who is who:


Dieter Bohlen

Thomas Anders

Real name

Dieter Bohlen

Bernd Weidung


Steve Benson, Ryan Simmons, Dee Bass, Joseph Cooley, Art Of Music, Countdown G. T. O., Fabrizio Bastino, Jennifer Blake, Howard Houston, Eric Styx, Michael von Drouffelaar

Thomas Anders



183 cm

170-175 cm (he doesn't know exactly himself)

Eye color




Blond, a bit wavy. In the beginning of Modern Talking Dieter had short hair and his hair fell over his forehead, a bit later it grew longer and when Dieter performed with Blue System it was long - fell over his shoulders or even longer. In 1996 Dieter cut his hair. Since then he again has been having short hair.

Dark-dark brown, wavy from nature. Before Modern Talking, in his solo-projects, Thomas had short fine hairdo, in Modern Talking his hair fell over his shoulders and grew longer and longer, in after-talking projects it was tied up into ponytail. In 1995 Thomas cut his hair. In the following years he had short hair in different variations.


Hoarse and deep. At the beginning of career Dieter had much higher voice and not so hoarse as it is now. Sometimes a German accent can be heard in his English speech. But no one cares about that, because Dieter's voice still sounds perfectly.

Velvet, soft and tender. In the young years Thomas also had a bit higher voice, Thomas grew up and his voice became a bit lower and mellower. It's very hard to notice a German accent, it can be heard only sometimes in the songs when Thomas softens consonants and sonant. He can fluently speak French. He's not bad at speaking Spanish and Russian (though he doesn't know these languages)

Solo projects

To start with I should mention that Dieter had too many solo projects English and German. And let's pay our attention to the biggest and the most important project where Dieter was a singer himself: Blue System.

Thomas also had a few solo projects, for example a few songs for Engelbert Humperdinck (by the way, Dieter also worked with him!), songs for a duo Thomas & Nora and so on. But let's take the general one - Thomas' solo.

The first album

Consists of 8 tracks, 6 of 8 are maxi-versions. Published in '87

Consists of 12 songs. Published in '89.

Number of albums

13 in English

6 in English (Although the very last - Jazz, was not in the wide sale and was sold only for fan-club members) and 1 in Spanish

Lyrics and music

Different topics are reflected in the lyrics, from the trivial question "Is It Love?" to the theme of death (Testamente D'Amelia), but usually songs are about love, though the topics are expressed trough the everyday topics. For example, who but Dieter can declare his love by telling that operator is saying that the conversation is over? The music is very catchy (That's Bohlen! Remember?), and it's quite easy to remember the lyrics, though you know, sometimes you can see the same rhymes and the same lines in the lyrics to different songs. Wonderful arrangement and rather light and catchy and tuny melodies.

Usually songs are about love, though there're more philosophical ones like the topic of "Marathon Of Life" or the question about the "Road To Higher Love". Some melodies are catchy, others are not very. Lines in the lyrics don't rhyme themselves, but who cares? The main thing here is that wonderful voice. And also who said that it's impossible to dance to Thomas' music? People can dance to rap and metal, then Thomas' songs are the best songs for dancing. Not disco, though ain't bad at all.


Dieter wrote music for many German movies, shows, programs, and serials. The biggest project is series Tatort (In flagrant delict) (For example, the part Der Fall Schimanski) (Schimanski's Case), in which a song "Midnight Lady" sung by Chris Norman was the title-song. In the same series another song of Dieter and Chris was used - this time it was "Broken Heroes". But I think that Dieter's appearance on the screen can be considered as the most interesting Dieter's work in movies. Scenes from Tatort can be seen in the videos of Norman (Midnight Lady, Broken Heroes) and Blue System (Silent Water).
Genre of Tatort: criminal drama.

Thomas also succeeded in this area of show business - he hasn't composed such many soundtracks for movies and different shows, but there was a progress. Thomas composed core tailor-made for the movie. The song from the movie is titled "Marathon Of Life", movie is called Stockholm Marathon. But Thomas was not only a composer, he also was an actor - he played one of the main parts.
Genre of Marathon: criminal detective.
Screenshots from this movie and something about the movie itself

Place and date of birth

Berne not far from Oldenburg, 7 February 1954

Muenstermaifeld near Koblenz, 1 March 1963


Dieter does not believe in any prediction and, as he has said himself, he's nearly scared to death of all these horoscopes and divinations.

Thomas believes in astrology, I guess that has been so since he was with Nora, who had a passion - spiritism and other mystical things, and of course, her husband was interested in it too.


Edith and Hans (born in 1929) Bohlen

Helga and Peter Weidung

(Sisters and brothers)

Younger brother Uwe

Brother Achim 6 years older than Thomas, and sister Tanja-Catrin, she's 7 years younger than Thomas.

Wives and girlfriends

Dieter had two wives.
Erika and
Verona Feldbusch
Now Dieter has a girlfriend Nadja Abdel Farrag.

First Anders' wife was Nora Balling.
Present wife is Claudia Hess


3 from Erika:

  1. Marc 15 years old
  2. Marvin Benjamin 11 years old
  3. Marielin 10 years old

Doesn't have any


Studied in a few schools (in Oldenburg, Goettingen, Hamburg), finished grammar school with the best grades and finally got a diploma of economist after he had finished his education in the university. On the whole he has an economical education.

Finished the school and studied for 5 semesters in the Vocal Academy, where Germanic philology (German language and literature) and, of course, musical science were taught. He finished both schools with the best marks. Doesn't have any special education, but he may be considered as a philologist.


Likes diving and swimming, fitness, tennis, water-skiing. Also Dieter, unlike Thomas, is interested in different types of transport: cars, motorcycles, horses...

Golf, tennis, his pets and a bit strange occupation for man: cooking. And also sometimes swimming.


Dieter is almost not interested in any art but music, and even here he takes interest only in the art of Modern Talking, Blue System and other his own projects. Dieter is just a very busy person.

Thomas is a more diversified man. His favorite female singer is Barbara Streisand, a male singer is undoubtedly Barry Manilow, on the whole Thomas like light, harmonious and sweet pop-music, and he hates heavy-metal. His favorite actress is Meryl Streep, fav. actor is Jack Nicholson.

Discotheques and parties

Since the young years Dieter adores spending his time at different parties, in the night-clubs and at discos. There he has got acquainted with his first wife, and also a bit later he met Nadja at one of the discos of Hamburg. There he has a habit of getting acquainted with his female fans. "Sometimes when I am at disco, many girl surround me, we talk and I'm having a mad time!" - Dieter confess. He loves this kind of nightlife, and he's not a rare guest at the discotheques and nightclubs.

Parties are only a way to communicate with someone for Thomas, and he visits his friends only to chat for a while. He doesn't like very noisy parties much. "I never visited big discos", he says "If I have to attend big parties, then I usually stay somewhere in the dark corner, my eyes ache because of that blinking bright lights. No, that's not for me." He prefers small quiet places, restaurants and cafes, where he can just sit and talk to his friends.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs

Dieter has been smoking since his young years. In university he tried soft drugs, but soon he gave that up. He doesn't understand much in different wines, but he prefers champagne to any other. By the way it's the favorite drink of Nadja too.

Thomas said that he's also smoking, but no one has ever seeing him with a cigarette. He's a real expert of wines. He prefers white ones. Loves light dry Italian wines, also Prosecco, Rose, Chablis and Sancerre, though he's also partial to red and champagne wines. Positively denying that he has ever tried any drugs (the same his mother said about him).


Dieter doesn't speak about his pets as kindly as Thomas does. Though he always had pets at home. He had pets before. And now, as far as I know, 4 dogs and 5 horses, which he just adores, are living at his house.

Thomas loves animals dearly (not only his pets); he and Nora had a few dogs and cats. At present moment Thomas is a master of a cute Maltese.

And so, what do they have in common? Almost nothing, only the love to the music unite them...